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LinkMate Wireless Switch Router. Providing a low cost solution to wireless switch routing.


LinkMate Wireless Switch Router
The LinkMate™ x4 Switch TxD/RxD Router Pair provides a low cost solution for wireless switch routing. Whether the need is for a wireless plunger arrival sensor, tank level sensor or shut-down control, the LinkMate WSR is the right choice at the right price. Sold in pairs, the units are self contained with integral solar chargers. LED status indicators are viewed through smokey covers, and an easily accesible, removable terminal block provides simple sensor hookup. Conformal coated electronics and gold plated contacts as well as a gasket-sealed enclosure protect against harsh environments. Advanced SmartSwitch™ technology provides reliable switch detection with multi-trigger lockout.

Transmitter/Receiver Pair
LED Status Indicators – Power, Link & Switch Event
Integral Solar Charger
Clear Smokey Cover – Excellent User Viewing
Simple Hookup with Removable Terminal Blocks
Simple Installation – Power Up, Link & Connect
Intrinsically Safe – Class 1, Division 1
Wireless Bluetooth 2.4GHz, 1000 ft. LOS

Plunger Arrival Sensor
Shut-Down Control
Compressor Control
Chemical Injection
Tank Level Sensing
Latching Relay Control
Proximity Switch Sensing

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 9 × 10 × 9 cm

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Specifications (PDF)

OKC Products LinkMate_Operators Guide (UG) (PDF)