OKC Products – TimeMate XT/ Plunger Lift Controller

Electronic Timer – Multiple use cases including Stripper Well Timer, High/Low Switch Control, Plunger Lift, Compressor Controller, Tank Battery Control, Pipeline Maintenance, Flow Rate Control, Chemical Injection


Featuring SunSmart® technology, the compact TimeMate™ Electronic Timer provides an easy to use, low maintenance solution for well head, production equipment, or pipeline control. The TimeMate is factory programmable for basic timer, high/low switch control or plunger lift operation.


SunSmart® Solar Powered
Enhanced Valve Switching™
TufSeal™ Electronics Protection
Non-incendive, Intrinsically Safe
Class 1, Division 1 Certified

Stripper Well Timer
High/Low Switch Control
Plunger / Gas Lift
Compressor Controller
Tank Battery Control
Pipeline Maintenance
Flow Rate Control
Chemical Injection

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 8.9 × 9.3 × 8.9 cm

Downloads & Resources

TimeMate XT Specifications (PDF)

TimeMate XT_Operator’s Guide (PDF)

TimeMate 2000 Data Sheet (PDF)

Power Guide (PDF)

“Set and Go” Options Guide TimeMate 2000 (PDF)

TimeMate 2000 Operator’s Guide (PDF)