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Rugged and urable AeroMate’s molded enclosure protects against harsh weather and the physical demands of industrial environments such as corrosive gases, salt spray, and chemical contaminants. Stainless steel valve hardware provides protection against sour well gas and corrosive liquids. Conformal coated electronics and gold plated contacts round out the AeroMate’s suite of environmental protection features.

Reliable Long-term performance is a major benefit gained from the evolution and refinement of the AeroMate’s advanced electronics. The patented Enhanced Valve Switching (EVS™) and SunSmart® technologies and vTagNet™ technology ensure reliable, long-term performance through the full range of environmental conditions. All electronic components are protected from damaging static electric shock and lightning discharge. A time-tested user interface, low power operation, and rugged packaging provide a high level of field reliability.

There are five types of AeroMate controllers:

 Valve Controllers
 Sensor Modules
 Data Routers
 Pulse Counter

 Uplink Manager

Standard Features

 NEMA 4X Rated Enclosure
 3.7″W x 5.0″H x 4.2″D
 Simple to Use, Intuitive Keypad
 2x 4/3-AA Battery Powered
 Intrinsically Safe – Class 1, Division 1 Certified
 Serial RS-232/485 Port
 Modbus RTU/Slave Compatible
 Two Digital Switch I/O’s
 vTagNet™ Compliant
 Custom Application Programs
 Custom Display Menus
 Event and Data Logging
 Bluetooth 802.15.4 Wireless Option[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]