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ZZOOTA Products & Services



We get you closer to your assets. Our IoT hardware remotely pulls on-board data, GPS locates, monitors operator behaviour & triggers alerts for your physical assets. We protect your people & infrastructure, help you plan & meet demand, gather real-time data to enhance your decision-making & support your risk management.

Add the value of Artificial Intelligence to take your business to the next level.

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The Space10X wireless GPS tracking device has no boundaries.
Using the latest CatM1/Cat NB1 technology the Space10X tracks moving assets without the need for a power supply.  

  • GPS Monitoring for Non-Powered Assets
  • Geo-fencing to track and control movement
    of critical assets
  • Alarm monitoring and theft protection.
  • Setup geo-zones on the zzootaLink platform and start reporting on entry/exit, time on site, and movement patterns with the zone.

RESULT: Optimize operations and productivity for on-site assets with more intelligent decisions. 



The Square3X gives you remote access to the on-board diagnostic data from your asset (vehicle, machine, equipment).

  • Real-Time GPS telematics monitoring.
  • Detect harsh acceleration, braking, turn and high revolution; Driving behaviour and analysis.
  • Remotely access on-board diagnostics: Engine temperature, compressor temperature, RPMs, fluid levels, etc.
  • Machine Learning Algorithm to predict: Smart preventative maintenance, parts demand/supply, machine failure, etc.

RESULT: Gain visibility and control to assets that were once untraceable.


The Site7X is designed to operate in harsh commercial environments, integrating GPS tracking, mobile communication, built-in cameras, and multiple vehicle interface options for heavy vehicles (CAN BUS), taxi’s, farming equipment, bus transportation, and more.

  • Using the latest technology and integrating with the ZZOOTALink platform,
    ZZOOTA apps, Google Maps/Navigation, etc.
  • 7″ Android operating system, 4G, removable, in vehicle GPS touch screen.
  • Site7X docking station is a secure, flexible in-vehicle solution.
  • J1939 interface to access CAN BUS data from heavy vehicles and machinery.

RESULT: Manage your entire fleet of heavy vehicles with a single, all-in-one device.


The Solar10X is one of the worlds most advanced GPS solar-powered asset monitoring devices, plus it’s IP67 waterproof!

  • 100% Solar Powered
  • GPS Accuracy < 5m
  • Motion sensing smarts
  • Low power function

RESULT: Attach to any asset for continual monitoring in all weather conditions.


The Sprint3X is a hard-wired GPS vehicle tracking device using 3G/4G or the latest Cat m1/Cat NB1 technology giving you a complete vehicle monitoring solution.

  • Track any vehicle or machine.
  • Monitor driver behaviour alerts/reporting
  • Real time GPS tracking
  • Precise mileage reports
  • Smart ignition detection
  • Car accident alert

RESULT: Monitor your vehicles with ease .


Turn your smart phone into a Task Management &
GPS Safety Monitoring Device with the ZZOOTA-V app.

  • Install the zzoota-V app & monitor your business smart phone/s on the zzootaLink platform
  • Monitor location, battery level, motion, distance and speed
  • Real time GPS monitoring of the phone
  • View, accept and manage tasks
  • Complete tasks with a virtual signature panel
  • Chat feature between the zzootaLink platform and phone app
  • Minimum requirements (iPhone 5S, Android V6.0



Save time, money, & energy
managing your assets.

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