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ZZOOTA Additional Services

ZZOOTA Machine Diagnostics

Do you have a fleet of machines that store on-board diagnostics?

ZZOOTA machine diagnostic solution uses their Square3X hardware, customized firmware (for your machines) and the ZZOOTALink platform to capture and report on the data.

The advantages of remotely accessing and centralizing your diagnostic data speak for themselves.

Out-of-the-box they have J1939 CAN BUS firmware which can be customized to access your machines on-board data.

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Moving Asset Intelligence

Site Resources LTD understands that gathering the right data on your moving assets results in better decision-making and risk management.

That is why we have brought ZZOOTA technology to Canada. ZZOOTA allows you to gather GPS location, on-board diagnostic data from machines and vehicles, operator/driver behaviour and more.

Need an easy to use, comprehensive management platform? Check out the ZZOOTALink platform here.

Attaching ZZOOTA hardware to your assets is easy. Check out the wireless, magnetic Space10X device here. The ZZOOTA-V app turns your teams smart phones into safety monitoring devices with task and delivery management.

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Geo-Fencing Alerts

ZZOOTA hardware and software platform allows you to create a virtual perimeter (geo-fence) around a geographical area in Google maps.

Be alerted when one of your assets enters or exits a defined area. This could be a construction site, business location, no-go zones or areas of importance.

This technology allows you to track the ‘time on site’ of your assets. Achieve complete transparency, improve quality control and enhance your decision-making.

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